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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  January 28, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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in the car. however, there are still several questions at this point. >> let's listen into what the sheriff has to say. >> are you talking about the current operation? yeah, the dive operation began at 4:05 bm p.m. and you saw the car get pulled out just a little while ago. >> are you going to drain the canal -- >> there's no way to do that. there's no upstream water storage capable enough to hold this much water. as a matter of fact, moments ago, the warter authority called us and told us they were at critical levels and they needed to release the waters. when they typically drain the canal for maintenance, there's months of advanced planning.
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and our holding capables are much lore than they are right now. >> how long are you going to search for the bodies? >> we're going to continue to deploy regular patrol searches every day along the canal. authorities downstream have committed to do the same thing. and they will continue to fly regular patrol flights, weather permitting. >> were seat buckles used? if they were used would you be able to tell us that? >> not at this time. >> what would happen with the tide -- [ inaudible ]. >> i'm sorry, it's cold out here. say again. >> [ inaudible ]. >> we're going to continue to search that site and the ore two blocks. we want to make sure there's nothing left, no other cars and potentially that nothing is hung up down there like bodies. >> what time will you start? >> that will be up to the team. i don't have that yet.
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we still have to round table with all of our teams. what our next steps will be. and i wanted to come over here and sar the latest details with you, so i don't have that information yet, rich. >> sheriff, how many divers, i know you mentioned -- >> two divers. >> okay. >> two divers in the water. and then obviously we had safety officers and backup divers standing by. >> sheriff is there anything in the car that lead you to believe that maybe they were dead before they went into the water? >> we haven't thoroughly searched the car yet. detectives are in the process of doing that now. we don't know if there's any other evidence, as the question was asked about seat belts. we simply don't have that information yet. until we have a chance to get into is that vehicle. >> which windows were down? >> i know there were one on the left and one on the right, but i don't know which ones of the four were down. >> were they broken out? >> i don't have that information. again, the car is badly damaged
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from having been in the siphon and we'll be able to get that information as the detectives have a chance to go through the car. >> is there a possibility [ inaudible ]. >> no. >> they would have been pulled in. >> absolutely. either objects would have gone clear through and on down -- >> let me tell you what was said in the news conference. thisst what what they know. they pulled the car out. inside the car, they did not find the body of juliani cardeas or his kidnapper, jose rodriguez. but he still thinks the bodies could perhaps be downstream. they're going to continue to look for those bodies and the reason is because as of january 18 when juliani cardenas was taken out of the arms of his
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grandmother on january 18, nevada not heard or seen anything from the alleged kidnapper. there has been no cell phone service, no credit card exchange and there has been no sighting. the last sighting was when he was taken from patterson around 4:00 that afternoon. that is why dive crews will be back in the water looking again for the bodies. right now, the body is 42 degrees and it could be at least 14 days before a body surfaced from that area. >> the sheriff is still out here, talking and saying that the search is still very focused on this canal. credible sources, credible witnesses all point to seeing the suspect's vehicle enter this canal. so they say they will be back out here perhaps later on this evening or probably tomorrow morning to continue to search this canal. divers, as we mentioned, went in about an hour ago to hook that car up to a tow truck and they were able to pull out three cars tonight.
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one of them was a stolen vehicle, another was an an abandoned vehicle and one was the suspect's car. >> ladies and gentlemen, we were able to recover the car from the siphon with two other vehicles. our divers found the three vehicles all together. we decided rather than pulling them out one at a time that they just pull them out simultaneously, which is what they did. we recovered yet another stolen vehicle along with the suspect's vehicle. the third vehicle's status is yet to be determined. unfortunately, the vehicle was empty. jose and juliani are not in the car. >>. >> reporter: authorities located the car using sonar scanning technology loaned to them by the fbi. and also merced county, a diving team was brought in this afternoon to do the dive. the crews only had a two-hour window in which to do this. they accomplished that and again the search will continue either later on tonight or most likely
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tomorrow morning. >> thank you, kimberly. so once again they started today's dive around 4:00 p.m. they ended, they found that car and pulled it from the canal at 5:45. just moments ago, we showed you the sheriff giving us the update. the bodies of jose rodriguez or juliani cardenas have not been found. perhaps they're still in the canal. it could take up to 14 days to find them. if indeed they're in that canal. we'll keep you posted throughout the newscast as well. >> anthony batz will not be adding san jose to his resume anytime soon. >> san jose's next top top will be chris moore. a law degree, a fulbright
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scholar. but none of that is happening tonight. critics say he's too much of an insider. how is everyone responding to that? >> everyone is pleased. it's a cross section of different ethnic committee groups. they say the trust between the communities and the police chief, that trust has been damaged. they feel that mistrust stems from problems with the racial profiling and the arresting practices of the sjpd. they're skeptical about moore as police chief and they feel as an internal choice, he was part of the past leadership team and question whether he can restore this trust. now, neld also like to see a diverse leadership team. right now, the san jose police leadership team is composed of three white men, one white woman and two asian men. >> we were told it would be a different process. the city council would have an opportunity to weigh in and that
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didn't happen. >> we would like to see somebody who really has been actively involved in the last ten years, not just the last three months. i think chief batz has outreached to communities. >> now, the city manager says she's bringing forward the best candidate for all the issues. the mayor says he's confident the process will bring out the best chief. we're live at san jose police, nbc bay area news. . >> george, thank you. it's political and it's delicate. the president of the police officer association is supporting chris moore, but he adds he would have been happy with oakland's anthony batts as well. >> if he is to be the chief of police, i just think that's kind of unfair. >> what's next? the city council is expected to approve chris moore as the chief next tuesday.
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well, startling and disturbing new discoveries in september's deadly gas explosion. pgannee under intense pressure right now in congress. so many layers to all of this as we uncoffer more and more every day. >> reporter: absolutely, jessica. pgande can't find documentation about the installation and manufacturing for 30% of its pipelines in areas of northern california. a congressman jackie spears sa s pg&e told her herself. this week bay area congresswoman jackie spear visited the ntsb lab in d.c. these are exclusive photos showing a section of the pipeline under scrutiny.
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she says she clearly shot the shoddy weld and that's not all. >> not only was the weld shoddy, but they also shaved the top of the weld so it had a smooth surface on the pipe which actually thinned the pipe by about 10% at the point of the weld. >> spears said she contacted chris johns ability the weld and whether the company has manufacturing and installation documents on its pipelines. >> it's very troublesome and he concurs that, in fact, they do not have documentation about 30% of their system. >> a spokesman issued this statement saying we're concerned about the issues with our records and take it very seriously. we're undertaking an intensive review, scrutinizing and verifying thousands of documents, confirming the quality of our data. we're managing this process
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across pg&e's system to place the highest priority on public safety. but many are wondering ff they have more sloppy weld on underground pipeline in the bay err d area that may put more people at risk. the utilities commission has ordered pg&e to produce reliable records by march 15. if those records can't be found, pg&e may bh forced to shut down its pipeline for days to run tests to detect any weaknesses. thank you. what's ahead now is unclear, except one thing -- the cuts are coming. that's expected to be the message from governor jerry brown as he gets ready to deliver his state of the state address next monday. he's already hinted h eeel touch on his positives, however, he'll be blunt about the looming budget cuts and the state's $25 billion short fall.
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brown's ability to focus on his plan to cut the state deficit helped it get public support. >> this is not going to be easily done. i think he'll make a strong case for that, as well as the tax extension measures in june. . >> governor brown told all state agencies to cancel any plans to buy any cars and turn in any cars that are not essential. he wants to cut the fleet of passenger vehicles in half. we'll stream governor brown's state of the state address monday evening at 5:00. >> the golden gate bridge board of directors says it's approved its all electric toll system. it means the end of toll collectors on the golden state bridge. 32 toll takers will lose their jobs in september 2012 when the
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bridge switches to an all-electric system. the meters will use fast trek or it will photograph license plates and then send out bills. going digital, the bridge will save $60 million over the next decade. >> if you're just now tuning in, big developments in the case of a missing boy, juliani cardenas. the car was found just about 25 minutes ago, we will update that story just ahead. >> yes, the car was found but the boy and his alleged kidnapper have not been found. so the question tonight is, where is juliani and record rez and could they still et canal? we'll have updates in just moments. california should be proud.
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we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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welcome back, not long ago it was everywhere, champagne
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everywhere and dot-com neighbors millionaires in a short time. >> business and tech report er joins us now. tell us if there's a new boom. >> yes, we are seeing an appetite for risk, profit and tech ipos like we haven't seen in the last ten years. established teching stocks, hitting new highs. social networking and marketing companies lining up to go public. it's the hottest spot in the world economy right now. web 2.0, making friends, creating tweets and reaping profits. and with one hot shot, filing to share the public, going public, silicon value is an ipo boom.
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unlike the dot-com boom of 1999, most of these companies are mature cash-generating businesses that should they go public would be less risky to investors than many of the boom to bust stocks of the past. >> i want pampacts businesses i positive way. as we communicate and we look to be efficient and learn and play, you know, electronics and even just the tech industry play a role in that. and something that's not going to go away. >> a company like velty is already strong and investors love it. >> the market is going to grow more than 40% a year. and we'll very well positioned based on our customer base and geographical presence to continue to grow significantly.
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>> they've gone from start-ups to money make makers. the next stop could be your foofl. >> they priced at $12 each and traded well on an overall rough day on the market. jumping 30% on day one. there's once again a big appetite out there for tech stocks. so far no details on how the web set would work, but we do know the technical infrastructure on salaries. surely, we're seeing encouraging signs of job growth. mountain-based google, hiring 6,000 new employees. today, more mooumt on the peninsula. congresswoman jackie spear and assembly member hill, the focus
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on mature workers who have been out of work for six months. hundreds took apart but hundreds also were turned away. there's several workshops including strategic networking. and virgin-based america was mon those looking for workers. the high demand for today's event prompted spear to organize another job hunter's boot camp in april. >> the struggling economy taking its toll on the health of college students it seems. a ucla study finds the stress levels of freshman are at aun all-time high. students are not only worried about financial pressure, but they're also worried about their own debt after job prospects after graduation. women had a more negative view of their emotional health than men. but women were more likely to get help from mental health services than men.
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>> the aging baby boomers, every day an estimated 10,000 people turned 65 years ago and millions of baby boomers will have to face a costly disease, alzheimer's. here's erica edwards reporting on how a generation is preparing for battle. >> reporter: they're thinking about retirement, grandchildren, maybe a few rounds of golf here and there. but millions will spend their twilight years suffering from alzheimer's disease, slowly but surely losing their ability to remember or recognize their families. >> alzheimer's is ultimately fatal after progressively taking away everything that an individual knows as themselves. >> harry johns is president of the alzheimer's association which has released a new report on the mind robbing disease. it finds while more than 5 million americans have already been nighed, that number is expected to rise dramatically. if we can't get it changed it will go as high as 16 million by the end of the century.
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that's 10 million baby boomers who will have the disease. >> some studies have suggested daily exercise, a healthy diet and a continuing education might help protect the brain in old age, but there's no proven method of prevention when it comes to alz thiemer's disease. >> we invested heavily in cancer, heavily in heart disease with very positive results. we have not yet done the same thing for alzheimer's. >> the hope is money can buy more time for the baby boomer generation. erica edwards, nbc news. >> hope and money is what's going to be needed as this progresses. >> broi, you said it was coming and boy, what a change in our weather. >> in san francisco, i managed to find a little bit of clearing, but now the fog is already starting to move back in, not only to the coastal areas, but it really hasn't left
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some of our inland spots. take a look at the temperature departures. we started out the week with record-setting highs. tudjm tudjman, we went down to the low and mid 50s. one of the biggest change s concord from 65 on tuesday to 46 degrees today. that's the bay area for you. one day, you know, temperatures above average and then the next day, 20 to 30 degrees colder. big disparities because of the fog that was inland. only 46 in concord. then you head over to los gatos. did manage a small amount of unshooin. 40s to 50s here down to concord and livermore. tonight we'll still find dense areas of matching fog. this warmer pattern, we started
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breaking down. we're going to say hello to weekend rain. the rain about 692 miles offshore, but that's going to be arriving as it heads into saturday night and also into sunday. starting off cold in upper 30s to 40s. we're also finding, yes, a little bit of light snow in the northeast, and that could also delay you as well. back to you. >> thank you, jeff. >> well, still ahead, pardon me, the first of its kind civil rights celebration. a day dedicated to bury a man roigoriedo tht r who tried to rightro w ang from world war ii. w
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>> here we go. a huge slice of hollywood is coming to the bay area. we're talking matt damon and gwyneth paltrow and maybe you. big budget films coming to san francisco next month. the movie is going to need some extras. you doing anything next month. the plot concerns the spread of a deadly virus. matt damon plays one of the doctors tracking the bug. the director, who you might recall made oceans 11 and "erin brockovich." just take a photo of yourself to tomorrow's casting call from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. a second call will be held on sunday at the embarcadero ymca. >> go and get yourself a part. coming up, why the battle to repeal don't ask don't tell isn't over yet. >> plus, the new outrage in
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egypt as leaders try to set things right. we'll check in with the bay area expert on just why you should care about the unrest that's happening right now. >> plus, a tragic anniversary, the next generation of space explorers, worried about a disaster that happened way before they were born. how does it affect their world view? [ male announcer ] rockin out to the big hot pastrami.
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the search in the patterson canal for missing 4-year-old juliani card nenas furned up th suspect's car but no one was found. the car was found, obviously, we saw that. the alleged abductor, jose r rodrez and juliani cardenas were not in the car, yet they still could be at the canal. >> they say all fingers point to that being the fact. the sheriff says they will
6:30 pm
continue to focus their recovery efforts here on the canal since he says there's credible evidence to show they could still be here. >> we believe that there is a possibility that jose and juliani are still in the canal and somewhere downstream. as always, i have been cautiously hopeful that we'll bring little juliani home alive, but there's absolutely no information on evidence or anything else that tells us that this car went in the canal and then jose fled the scene. again, he's not sophisticated enough, doesn't have the infrastructure, doesn't have the financing, doesn't have the support to full off that kind of abduction. and here we are a week later, or better than a week later, and there's still no sign of the suspect and giuliani.
6:31 pm
-- juliani. >> the sheriff says they will continue to search the canal downstream holding out hope they will find juliani. authorities say the boy was taken from his grandmother's arms 11 days ago. and a witness reported seeing the suspect's vehicle go into the canal that very night. jose rodriguez is also the ex-boyfriend of juliani's mother. authorities located the car this morning using sonar scanning technology and a commercial diving team was brought in this afternoon but they had to wait until the water level was lored in the canal to get into the water safely. crews only had a two-hour window in which to retrieve the car. they were able to do that before the water levels rose again. now, multiple agencies are working out here, and the sheriff says tler meet right now to decide when the search will continue, but it won't likely continue until tomorrow morning. as you can see, it's very foggy out here, which, of course, hampers their search efforts. >> all right, kimberly, thank
6:32 pm
you. that water temperature in the canal about mid 40s, 42 to 45 degrees. the sheriff added, if the bodies are still in the canal, it could take up to 14 days for the bodies to surface. but right now, there's no indication whether they're in the canal or not. from the big local news to the big international news. at one point today, the internet was shut down in egypt. no facebook, no twitter, nothing coming out of there in terms of communication. president hosni mubarak of egypt is refusing to end his 30-year rule. robert engel is in cairo where protestors say they will not stop until he is gone. >> police have been pulled back. >> as is the partner of egypt, we are urging that there be a restraint on the part of the security forces. a curfew is in place, but it is
6:33 pm
not being obeyed and the people here are cheering the army. >> it's exactly the same as what happened in tunisia when the army of tunisia refused to back the president. the president was forced to leave the country. people here hope the same pattern will be repeated in egypt. >> get rid of corruption and dictatorship. words of freedom blast him of what he's done to his own people. >>. >> reporter: there was supposed to be a speech by president mubarak, a national address this evening. it never happened. a lot of people are wondering when he will speak and what he will say. the egyptian government has said it's willing to engage in a dialogue with the people. it may be too late for die mog. they say they want a complete change of the regime. richard engel, nbc news, cairo.
6:34 pm
>> well, certainly the unrest in egypt, very difficult to ignore. the white house and the president both addressing today why americans should be paying attention to this. a political scientist from santa clara university joins us to talk about the importance of what's gong on there. egypt, there are strong political ally of the united states. has had a strong relationship. how much of a thin line does the president have to walk when addressing the needs of the protestors and the desires of the protestors while at the same time asking mubarak to make some concrete changes in that country. >> yeah, absolutely. egypt is an important ally, in fact, the most important arab ally for the united states. and so the president is walking a tight line, a tight robe to continue to have a strong relationship with egypt while also then showing support for the protestors. and it's important that the president show support that
6:35 pm
continues to emphasize our support for freedom and reform in that country. >> we first saw unrest in tunisia and in yemen recently. now egypt. how much of a danger is this that it could spre spread to the middle east and what kind of an impact could that have for the united states? >> absolutely. this is a pivotal moment for the united states. how the u.s. decides and chooses what side to support in this crisis is pivotal. for our long-term relations, not only with egypt but for the region as a whole. >> is there a potential this could turn into another iran in terms of not having a good relationship or this wild card out there? >> absolutely. that's the fear. if the united states doesn't support the reformers, the animosity could turn against the united states. we haven't seen that, but that
6:36 pm
could change. that animosity could then go against the u.s.'s support for the regime. >> the united states gives them $1.5 billion last year. we've given them over $68 billion in the last, you know, 30 years. how much of a carrot is that money for mubarak to make changes for the koun trif? >> it's very important. the regime nootsds l neesds that money for its a military. so that is a big carrot for it to reform its policies. >> what should the obama administration be looking for in terms of a catalyst that we should be walking for carefully? >> i think the administration needs to take a stand and needs to take a stand at the highest level, whether it's secretary of state hillary clinton or the president hymn to come down and
6:37 pm
say that this is reforms the u.s. supports and we are on the side of the egyptian people, even to the point of suggesting that reform requires that the regime be changed. this is something the administration look at from our interest. but i think the momentum is swinging against the regime. >> all right, we thank you for your eck per tease. thank you for sharing that with us. >> where were you 25 years ago today? that's the day the shuttle challenger exploded on takeoff, killing all seven astronauts onboard and stopping the nation in its tracks. today, the students in the east bay headed to the space and science center to learn about the challenger mission and the importance of space exploration as it moves forward. >> these kids have embarked on a
6:38 pm
common mission as aboard challenger. it's the way to arm the crew and peak interest in science and space. >> it's around the age when they got interested in math and science. this will hook kids back in the miracles of space travel and the wonders of science. >> all right, take cover, get down. the message is that rewards are sometimes worth the risk. >> which do i choose? a, b, c or d? >> carrie is in charge of navigation and she has to avoid more meteors.
6:39 pm
>> the teacher and the astronaut. >> the commander wants the kids to remember the challenger crew. >> we are commemorating by flying what's known as a comet mission. on that original mission, they were planning to gather data and materials from the tail of the comet. we are continuing that. >> christin mcauliffe said before that flight, who knew she would make history. she made history, unfortunately.
6:40 pm
we take you you to one of the most exotic ice cream shops. >> i'm hungry. we did have plenty of temperatures with that dense fog. blow to mid 50s, after record-setting highs to start the week. tonight in the east bay, temperatures in the 30s. we're going to talk about travel delays coming up here in the bay area, and also a weekend storm. your time line in minutes.
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you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice.
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that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. civil rights leader jesse jackson coming to the bay area this weekend and here's why. a first of its kind celebration set this weekend across the state really for japanese american civil rights leader. fred koromatsu became the first person to successfully appeal a conviction during the war camps.
6:43 pm
his life and legacy was celebrated today. just like last year, lawmakers passed legislation marking january 30 as fred koromatsu day. >> there are so 34 americans, today school kids know the contributions that were made. but there's another american hero who still many people don't know the wonderful things and the lessons that he has taught us as americans. >> well said now the word is spreading. as we mentioned, jesse jackson, scheduled to be a keynote speaker. >> okay, the beard is back. crazy a appearance by giants pitcher brian wilson. pp
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6:45 pm
>> brace yourself for a change. we have your forecast in a few moments. >> all those lovely days of the spring-like weather wie've had had us thinking of ice cream. >> we go above and beyond the 31 flavors. >> how many ice cream shops do you know of where you can go inside and ask for this?
6:46 pm
>> welcome. >> let's see, i el. >> take a scoop of beer and mushroom. >> cup or cone? >> cone. >> that's jake gotby, it's here at the corner of 24th and harrison. >> nice tattoos. >> thank you. mushroom and magnolia stout. >> it tastes like a stout beer and ice cream. i'm surprised, it's pretty good. jake has so many flavors he can't possibly put them out on display. each day you bring out about a dozen? >> we have 12 a day. today we have old live oil. a little bit of lemon and orange in there. and a fruity olive oil. >> very nice. >> thai chile lime sorbet. has a bit of bite to it.
6:47 pm
>> red wine and coke. we always have secret breakfast. which is bourbon and corn flakes. >> of course. >> how many serves before you get a little tipsy? >> you would get sicker from all the cream -- >> oh, before you -- >> before you would ever, yeah. >> if you don't know it's mushroom, you would never guess it's mushroom. >> the mushroom ice cream i'm eating, this isn't that kind of mushroom? >> no, it's not that type of mushroom. >> what are the most polarizing? >> licorice is one. the balsamic caramel. >> that right here? let's try it. >> not everything we do is for everyone. but that's okay, we have
6:48 pm
something else for you. >> how do you know if a flavor is going to work? >> things just pop into my head. i don't really have a formula or a system how these come out. they just do. there's lots of places to get really good ice cream in san francisco and i don't feel the need to replicate any of that. i'm all about taking chances and having fun. >> so if you want to learn more about what jake is up to in his shop here in san francisco, you can go online. log on to >> is he having the mushroom on there? i like the breakfast one with the bourbon. >> balsam ic caramel?
6:49 pm
>> you can make a whole meal out of it. one of each. >> the bourbon one may warm you up a little bit. but right now it's been all about the fog. he had some ice cream cone tattoos on his wrists. dedicated man there. i'm going to check that out. meanwhi meanwhile, we are looking at that fog. the low ceilings right now, current currently producing some delays. >> we're also seeing reduced visibility still in the south bay. it was in the fog temperatures in most of the bay area. right now, low 40s, another cold night with that patch and fog. then for this weekend. yes, we're also talking about
6:50 pm
some rain coming in and possibly an isolated sthorm with a bit of instability. the pattern lately has been sending this all as well to the north. but take a look at this. the storm system is opening up to the north and about 600 miles offshore, that's where our rainfall is located. as the storm system getting here saturday night and sunday, we're talking about rain returning to the bay area. potentially producing about a quarter inch of rainfall at this point. the rain will move on in. a slight chance of a thunderstorm as well. all right, meanwhile upper 30s and low 40s for the south and east bay. our cold spot for the north bay per normal mid 30s tomorrow. no more record-setting heat. temperatures in the 50s here in the south bay. 56 inform san jose, 57 in livermore, 55 in dublin. low to mid 50s right up the
6:51 pm
north bay. 54 in san francisco. even forecasting, yes, unbelievable here, 40s in concord after 70s early this week. north bay, low to mid 50s. as we head throughout sunday, more rain returns. good evening. it's just nine days away. they needed a lot of yellow paint. they've even got a king-sized aaron rodders in mural form. they're adding an additional 13,000 seats. they're even adding 100,000 people inside the stadium, both in the stands and in standing room only areas.
6:52 pm
every ball used in the game are hand made. and then they hand stamp the teams on the leather before the inflation begins. brian wilson was on "the tonight show" with jay leno. >> from your world championship san francisco giant, give it up, everybody, for brian wilson! >> the beard has grayed a bit during the offseason. wilson making the scene, dressed as a sea captain for lopez tonight. george lopez, he talked about his recent vacation to thailand. he showed off a clip from a new digital short film he starred in. the soon to be video game from
6:53 pm
novados 2k sport. then he joined in minute to win it. he also brought out another little friend. >> he's a figment of your imagination. he's not really there, but you respect him. the machine now a star wars figuri figurine. >> amazing. >> it's kind of amazing. >> it's kind of pat burrell, the machine. >> that's inside dge. >> we're back in a moment. stay with us.
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coming up tonight, it's one of the most iconic streaks in the bay area, and thousands of people live on it. $1 million a year is made on it. being overrun by rats. those are rats running around. in parking lots on the sidewalks, invading people's homes. see what's being done to get rid of the neighborhood problem and keep the rats from coming back. that's tonight at 11:00 right after date line here on bay area news. >> here's a follow-up story, the oddest house in the bay area.
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a family of green bay packers fans demolishing the steelers, literally. the wagner family in san jose, remember this from last night, guys? here's the follow up. big packers fans. so they painted their house in steelers colors. why would you do that? because today was demolition day. they demolished the house for future construction. by the way, the caterpillar you're seeing there was deck kated in packers colors. >> i'm in super bowl mode. packer fans have been waiting a long time for this moment to come around. when i knew the house was going to be destroyed i thought how can i make this about the packers? >> very honest, very truthful. once the demolition is over, going on today and tomorrow -- >> you celebrate with beer. >> the wagner family -- another family will be taking over the land, but they promised the family they would fly the packers flag. >> when is the super bowl? >> not this sunday but the next. >> bye-bye.
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